Israel Ariel allows us to view the desert as a wonder of creation. He explores the deepness of his soul – brave and expecting – with an emotion of liberty and enthusiasm, ready for his own development. The desert is living in him, it is alive for him and he is responsive to its sand and stone figures and the aeolian formations of millions of years.

Searching the land of the desert with the soul – this old yearning slightly modified – is nowadays prompting us to get away from it all and to experience the particular during vacation.

Platzhalter-Bild Platzhalter-Bild

It is not the aim to cross the desert from oasis to oasis, according to a plan, having to reach a destination, but to become slowly aquainted with an unknown world, a different tempo, a foreign language, novel sounds and another mentality that form his basic understanding of travelling in the desert.

Israel Ariel has developed the skill to bring people to a place where they can identify themselves with nothingness and obtain the disposition to become inwardly clear and then to be able to sense the power of silence and to learn to see the stunning beauty of moulds and colours as well as hidden uniqueness – to come back from the desert changed.

Under this motto, as tour guide, fotographer and being one of today’s best experts of the Sinai and its Bedouins and Egyptians, he is leading people for more than thirty years through the landscape he is loving.


Who is willing to experience the desert together with Israel Ariel should be able to leave behind everyday life and to allow to get touched by the fascination of the primordial landscapes.