Searching the land of the desert with one’s soul….

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My name is Israel Ariel and I am living in Jerusalem. For more than 30 years, it is my profession as well as my passion to travel to Sinai and lead groups through the desert. First and foremost, I am aiming to connect the essence of the people to the desert so that they may find a way to themselves. The breathtaking quietness and the terrific landscape of the desert form the basis for this journey. My longstanding experience with guiding people allows me to meet the individual needs of each traveller in a particularly sensitive way.

Those who come walking with me will experience the desert and its inhabitants off the beaten track and will open his eyes for the beauties along the path and the rock formations carved by the wind.

My decades long relation to the Bedouins of the Mzeineh tribe and my knowledge of the arabic language allow for a close contact of the participants of the tour and the people in Sinai in order to get insight into their customs and traditions.

Together we will climb mountains, master canyons and walk through plains. We will get to know the diversity of the landscape of the South Sinai either in the sandstone area or in the granite mountains around the St. Catherine’s monastery.

You will have the chance to get informations on the geology of Sinai and its morphological design. At the same time you will come closer to the stories of the Old Testament in this truly biblical scenery. The point is to find out whether these old tales still have meaning to us today with regard to our current perspective and personal interpretation.

In this athmosphere of individual attendance, also a possible path to oneselve is laid out in a particular manner – it only has to be gone by everyone himself…..



Israel Ariel